After decades advising in the private wealth divisions of major investment banks, it is our conclusion that your financial interests are best met by an independent advisor. As a registered investment advisor, the principals of Yale Capital Corporation formed our team to align our interests with yours.

Guidance and Protection You Need

As an independent advisor, our focus is to offer high-net-worth individuals an objective perspective — with the ability to shield you from unnecessary costs, conflicted investment products, and inefficient management.

Attention and Expertise You Deserve

Trained by leading academicians in Modern Portfolio Theory—at the Yale School of Management—our chief investment officer oversees all client portfolios, whether our relationship with you is 20 years in, or just beginning.

Reporting That Matters to You

You will receive performance reports on a quarterly basis and at meetings with your advisor. Through third-party custodian, Charles Schwab & Company1, you can verify performance. At your request, our analyst will also create customized, user-friendly reports to monitor your investments and, with your approval, can coordinate and share these with your outside counsel to allow for pro-active and timely planning.

A Partner You Can Grow With

Get to know how Yale Capital Corp. constantly strives to give each generation of your family sound investment guidance and services, as your partner in protecting, sustaining and growing your wealth. Contact us today.

Our Services

  • Tax Efficient Asset Management

    Extensive practical experience in serving affluent investors allows us to offer time-tested solutions to issues that affect large, tax-paying portfolios.
  • Relationship-Focused Client Service

    Day-to-day cash management, trading and rate negotiations are some of the ways we complement our investment management offering.
  • MLP (Master Limited Partnership) Management

    YCC’s MLP management approach is customized according to each client’s risk profile, and we are committed to providing clear, experience-based, and objective MLP investment advice.

"We can extrapolate from the study that for the long term individual investor who maintains a consistent asset allocation and leans toward index funds, asset allocation determines about 100% of performance."

Roger Ibbotson, Ph.D. Professor of Finance -Yale University. Ibbotson Associates. Author: The True Impact of Asset Allocation on Returns

"Q. So investors shouldn’t delude themselves about beating the market? A. “They’re just not going to do it. It’s just not going to happen."

Daniel Kahneman,Ph.D. Psychology, Noble Laureate in Economics

"This message (that attempting to beat the market is futile) can never be sold on Wall Street because it is in effect telling stock analysts to drop dead."

Paul A. Samuelson, Ph.D. Philosophy Professor of Economics, MIT, Economist, Nobel Laureate in Economics

"Wall Street’s favorite scam is pretending that luck is skill."

Ron Ross, Ph.D. Economics Former Professor of Economics, Humboldt State University Author: The Unbeatable Market

"If there’s 10,000 people looking at the stocks and trying to pick winners, one in 10,000 is going to score, by chance alone, and that’s all that’s going on. It’s a game, it’s a chance operation, and people think they are doing something purposeful…but they’re really not."

Ron Ross, Ph.D. Economics Former Professor of Economics, Humboldt State University Author: The Unbeatable Market