In the highly competitive advisor marketplace, Yale Capital has established itself as a stable independent advisor, with long-standing relationships and a constant desire to build upon the extra value we offer our clients.

HNW Dedication and Perspective

For our entire careers, we have worked solely for high-net-worth families and the ultra-wealthy; this means we have developed an acute and deep awareness for the financial considerations you face, the types of investments that may suit your portfolio, and the specialized cash management services you need. At no extra cost, we will process and track your banking transactions ensuring that even complex undertakings are executed successfully.


With a family-to-employee ratio of approximately 5 to 1, Yale Capital and its service team provides an extremely high level of service. Readily contactable, we make ourselves available via any medium you prefer, including in-person meetings, as often as you desire. We constantly monitor your accounts to ensure your daily transactions are covered and that your investment needs are met. You will receive customized reporting on a regular and in-depth basis; we will design reports according to your preferences that complement your monthly custodial statements.


Yale Capital applies a long-term, academically supported approach to seek an optimal risk-adjusted portfolio, rather than investing in a way that attempts to drive up your short-term portfolio. Other advisors’ attempts to drive up your short-term portfolio performance can ultimately create costly tax inefficiencies. We consider the impact of taxes and fees on your return and manage your account accordingly: from security selection, and trading decisions, to how we set up accounts and plan for the years ahead. In the current climate, the defense of your wealth is more complex than ever before, and tax-efficient investing is a crucial issue for your consideration.


Our expertise in dividend-bearing asset classes enables us to recommend an array of income-generating, tax-incentivized investments, with a focus on those traded on U.S. exchanges. In particular, Yale Capital offers a deep specialization in master limited partnerships — infrastructure companies whose distribution payouts are often between 70-100% tax-deferred.

Commission Reimbursement

Yale Capital believes commission fees should be avoided. We have opted to discount from your management fee any brokerage charges and banking fees incurred through our management of your portfolio.


Each security you hold, regardless of account type, is verifiable by you and your authorized counsel. We avoid opaque investment products; if investment holdings, approach, performance and fee methodology are not clear, we stay away.