What is the optimal way to manage my investments?

Diversified asset allocation, vigilant management of taxes and reasonable fees 
that is our view, and most notable academicians agree

Key Assumptions

  • Your goals and individual appetite for risk are heard first
  • Markets are at least semi-efficient, over time
  • The U.S. tax code currently weakens the appeal of short-term gains
  • All else being equal, investors prefer lower volatility
  • Asset allocation is far more important than individual stock and manager selection
  • Exchange-traded individual securities are more transparent than funds

Some basic tenets of our approach:

Long-term View

Informed by academic research, discipline and diversification considerations — akin to university endowment management style.

Markets are at Least Semi-efficient

We agree with the idea that stock prices generally reflect all known and relevant information. After taxes and fees, we believe active management delivers little value over time — and creates inefficiencies that can have a negative impact on returns. We seek to invest judiciously, while limiting expenses and risk.

philosophyAsset Allocation Outweighs Manager Selection

In our view, distributing investments across asset classes has a greater impact on returns than managers making individual security choices and market timing. Over the years, our observation is that clients benefit from the addition of negatively or minimally correlated asset classes into an existing portfolio.

Taxes and Fees Erode Performance

Seeking to avoid the tax and return impact of short-term trading, your portfolio is under the careful watch of its advisor, who trades judiciously. By allocating assets that offer efficient tax structures and relative stability, we set the framework for steady, long-term growth.

Flexibility According to Your Needs

Your particular goals and needs may evolve over time. We guide with objectivity and forethought according to your individual circumstances. As a multi-family office group, we provide investment counsel that meets the needs of each generation.